Wholesale Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets in Montreal

Planning to purchase bathroom cabinets, but have to do the same within budget constraints? If you are in this situation then the options, we will be provided in the following section will prove to be useful for you since these are affordable cabinet options without the need to compromise on style and aesthetics.

Different Affordable Bathroom Cabinet Styles

Flat Style Cabinets

Flat-style Montreal cabinets are a popular high quality yet affordable option when you are looking for bathroom cabinetry. The good thing about them is that they are a hassle-free and stylish design option to choose from for your bathroom.

In this type of cabinetry, minimal detailing and hardware is used, giving them an excellent contemporary and modern look for your custom kitchen. The cabinets can be made from budget-friendly laminate or wood and are available in a variety of sheens and colors.

Cabinets with Distressed Style

This is another affordable option; these cabinets are intentionally given a vintage and weathered look and feel. These cabinets are considered singularly unique and a chic option for your kitchen design or your bathroom.

As per providers of wholesale kitchens, distressed style cabinets neatly accent metallic accessories, gleaming mirrors, and crystal lighting. The weathered looks of these cabinets have required a patina to make them the perfect option for cottage and farmhouse-style homes.

Cabinets with Louvered Style

These can be recognized by their unique and exciting slatted construction. The benefit that these slats offer is that they hardly overlap and are placed next to each other. 

This helps in the creation of adequate space that offers good ventilation. Most people consider them to be a marriage of unmatched functionality and timeless form.

Cabinets with Shaker Style

This is a popular choice for bathroom cabinets, these have clean lines and utilitarian styling. This style is considered quite versatile since it possesses the needed versatility and elegant aesthetics for custom cabinets. The good thing is that this style works perfectly with transitional, eclectic, contemporary, as well as traditional bathrooms.

Cabinets with Thermofoil Style

An affordable option for your bathroom, contrary to their name, these do not contain any type of foil or metal. Instead, it refers to a procedure that involves the use of vinyl in the form of thin layers or similar other plastic coatings which are vacuum pressed over fiberboard of medium density. 

After that, these are baked under high heat and temperature conditions, which results in the creation of an impenetrable seal. Apart from being affordable, these are available in different color combinations and are easy to clean.

Cabinets with Beadboard Style

A perfect combination of functionality and beauty, these consist of beadboard paneling, which has traditionally been used in the form of wall treatment. Moreover, such paneling is used for adding intrigue when there are bare walls. 

The same intrigue is developed by these beadboard style cabinets and their colored accents, as well as intricate detailing, make them something to be marveled at. This style is perfect for eclectic, cottage style, and similar other types of bathrooms.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are several options to choose from when you are looking for affordable yet stylish bathroom cabinets.

If you find all the choices quite confusing then give us a call. Being kitchen cabinets Montreal wholesale and kitchen cabinet doors Montreal leaders, our experts will try to evaluate the style of your bathroom and suggest most suitable cabinet style options that will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.