The upcoming trends for bathroom cabinets in 2021

A bathroom is every person’s sanctuary, a place where we relax and spend some time with ourselves. Let us look at some upcoming trends for 2021 related to bathroom cabinets in Toronto, which can completely transform your bathroom.

Use of Different Colors

The use of gray, ebony and white cabinet colors will be growing in popularity in 2021. The good thing about these neutral colors is that they gel perfectly with any bathroom style.

For instance, if there is a space constraint, colors like white will help make the space appear larger.

Also, the colors are chosen in such that they will be standing the test of time, and even when the walls are painted after a few colors, your bathroom cabinets will remain stylish and match the new wall colors.

The colors will work harmoniously to make the space relaxing.

Open Bottom

Open bottom bathroom cabinets are the new trend these days. The main feature of these available bottom cabinets is that they help create more space and make the bathroom appear less cluttered.

In case the cabinets are being replaced and the flooring will not be updated, the look can be improved by moving the tiles right up to the wall.

Floating Cabinets

An upcoming trend for 2021, are floating cabinets.

The style gives you the flexibility to adjust their height as per your requirement. Moreover, you get more space that proves to be useful when there is a small bathroom.

These can also be sleek, to have a modern and elegant appearance, with the help of hanging stylish artwork in your bathroom space.

For example, you can have a floating cabinet right on top of the showerhead to keep towels.

Nickel Hardware

Hardware comprising of brushed nickel is expected to become the preferred choice for bathroom cabinets. Such hardware in cooler color tones will work correctly with any design style in your bathroom and give it a timeless ambiance.

Adoption of Minimalism

The trend often shifts towards minimalism. We will be seeing more and more bathrooms adopting this new trend in 2021, due to its benefits. Minimalism helps in decluttering small bathrooms and enhances your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Freestanding Cabinets

Such cabinets are mainly trending for half baths and powder rooms and tend to make an excellent style statement. You can purchase customized freestanding cabinets that look very authentic as well as superb.

Cabinets Resembling Furniture

An upcoming trend is of having cabinets that resemble furniture. These cabinets have legs as well as open shelves to store towels and bottles. Similarly, vintage dressers and re-purposed hutches can be utilized as cabinets to create an exciting focal point within your bathroom.


To conclude, we can say that there are different trends in harmony to different spaces, where these styles will be utilized for bathroom cabinets.

You can also contact wholesale cabinetry providers to know more about the latest trends and incorporate them into your kitchen. A professional Canadian cabinet firm can help you make the right selection.