Kitchen Cabinets

You can easily change the look of your kitchen by using some innovative ideas that transform the cabinets from dull and lacklustre to efficient and attractive. Let us look at some ideas from companies specializing in cabinetry supply in Montreal, that will help in completely transforming your kitchen cabinets Montreal.

Let cabinetry supply in Montreal guide you toward innovative ideas to transform the look of your kitchen, simply by changing the look of your cabinets. kitchen cabinets Montreal will help you completely transform your cabinets from lacklustre to very attractive. Let’s look at some ideas you may not have considered before:

Inspiration for Kitchen Cabinets

Idea #1: Bold Finishes

White is the most common colour for kitchen cabinets. But this can sometimes lack vibrancy. Switching them out for coloured cabinets brings new life to your kitchen. The look can be completely customized to suit your needs – and reflect your personality.

Most companies that specialize in wholesale kitchens & counters agree – choosing the right colour depends on both the size of the kitchen and the amount of light it receives. Large, bright kitchens can support darker colours like navy and black, among others. Smaller kitchens work best with lighter shades, like yellow and pink, for example.

The style you are going for is also a factor to consider. In a modern kitchen, black cabinets work well, while sage, mint, or other more muted colours are better suited to traditional kitchen styles.

Idea #2: Glass Doors

With a bit of creativity you can give your kitchen cabinets a modern look and feel, just by changing the cabinet doors. Instead of having solid doors, you can choose from a variety of styles of glass. You might prefer one style throughout, or you might try a combination of styles. You can even use two different, complimentary designs in the same kitchen. For example, you might want all the cabinet doors to be glass, but with two different designs. Some doors might have glass inserts while others are completely glass.

You can also choose between clear and frosted glass panes. Frosted glass offers softer, more muted visibility, but is less crisp and shiny.

In a more traditional kitchen adding some trim to the glass is a good option. The trim can either be a curved or crisscross design.

Or, you might decide to use trim to divide the glass panes into quarters. To make a personal statement you could even add stained glass inserts.

Idea #3: Cabinet Drawers

It’s often hard to see or reach things at the back of your cabinets. So, they are not always practical. One option is to replace some of the cabinets with drawers. They can be a great way to optimize space and make it easier to find things.

To do this, all you have to do is retrofit the cabinets and install the drawers behind the cabinet door. This way the drawers are completely hidden. You can create shallow drawers for storing cooking utensils, and deeper drawers for some of your dinner wear and appliances.

In Summary

There are a variety of options available to improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen cabinets while maximizing their efficiency. Just contact kitchen cabinets Montreal & Toronto wholesale providers and they will suggest the options best suited to your kitchen.