Tips to Help You Select the Right Kitchen Cabinet Door

Not sure which type of cabinet door will be right for your kitchen? The details we will be sharing here will help you take the right decision when buying kitchen cabinets door Montreal.

Tips to Help You Select the Right Kitchen Cabinet Door

Style of Cabinet Door

Design of your kitchen will be influenced by drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Therefore, it will be important to pay attention to the style of your cabinet doors. While taking a decision, it will be necessary to keep track of the type of cabinet door you have.

Few of the other details that will affect your decision-making process would be accents, colours and hardware of your cabinet.

Vision and Goals

The type of cabinet door you purchase from your cabinet maker will depend on your personal preferences. For instance, if you want to continue the rustic style of your house into the kitchen then doors you select will be different from what you would select when you want to create something more casual.

Similarly, shaker style cabinet doors will be the right choice when you want to create a design that it is easy and simple. Likewise, a raised panel design, available in different colors will be perfect for such style preference.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more versatile, then, an inset or flat panel style will be right for you.

Hardware Selection

You need to be aware that hardware you select may not be compatible with the specific cabinet door style you have in mind. If kitchen cabinet Montreal hardware is important for you, then you will have to decide about it first and choose a door style that will be complementing.

Types of Cabinet Doors

There are different types of cabinet doors available and you will have to see various features to select one that matches your needs. Let us look at a few options you can choose from.

  • Shaker Style: This style is appropriate for classic and modern kitchens. Consisting of sleek lines and center panels that are recessed, these cabinet doors look stunning.
  • Raised Panel: These panels are available in different styles such as cathedral, arch, and square. In addition, these have a central floating panel that is surrounded by a framework. Together, these create a design that is classical and at the same time, instills dimension into your kitchen.
  • Slab Style: These doors have smooth finish, making it easier to clean them. Moreover, these are considered ideal for contemporary and modern kitchens due to their solid construction, which gives them a minimalist look and feel. In addition, texture and dimension can be given to these doors by using appropriate hardware.
  • Glass Paneled Doors: These are also called mullion doors and help in showcasing dishware you have. These glass paneled doors work well in classic as well as contemporary kitchens. A bold statement or subtle accent can be created by choosing the right type of glass for your panel.