Kitchen Storage for Your Cabinets in Montreal

If your kitchen looks very unorganized and you are struggling to store everything, then you need to contemplate utilizing new storage cabinets. There are different kitchen cabinet storage ideas that could help you effectively use available space in the kitchen. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Idea #1: Roll Out Drawers

Spices, pans, and pots can be easily stored in an organized fashion with roll out drawers.

Such kitchen cabinet in Montreal allows access and visibility to things in an organized manner. In addition, you can set up supply according to their size and function.

Kitchen Storage Idea #2: Tip Out Trays

These trays are the right way of maximizing smaller unused spaces. For instance, tip out tray can be used between lower cabinet and sink area.

The benefit of such tip out tray is that it lets homeowners store away things with ease, which then, allows to locate items such as small cleaning products, sponges, etc. No more hide and seek under the sink.

Kitchen Storage Idea #3: Vertical Tray Dividers

Such dividers help decluttering cutting boards and baking trays. Moreover, you achieve better space utilization since vertical dividers make it possible to stretch cabinets right up to the kitchen ceiling.

In the highest sections, you can store items that are less frequently used in such a way that they can be easily retrieved with a ladder when needed.

Kitchen Storage Idea #4: Soft Closing Drawers

Drawers of different sizes help you in storing away kitchen items with ease. However, the key is to choose cabinetry with soft closing features.

For instance, dowel drawers can be utilized for storing everything from fine china to dishware and provide excellent idea of things being stored. In addition, the presence of soft closing options makes it possible to avoid possible damages.

Kitchen Storage Idea #5: Wine Racks

This is an effective means of kitchen storage that is growing in popularity nowadays. You can use wine racks for organizational purpose in your kitchen. These racks take up less space and allow you to stack up many different things.

Add-on Tip – Open Shelving

Open shelving cabinets offered by wholesale cabinetry providers prove to be quite effective and ensure that all useful items remain in sight while you are working in the kitchen. Additionally, you do not have to close the cabinet and open a cabinet after each use.

Lastly, you can easily tuck out smaller appliances in a safe place without completely cutting off their accessibility.


As we can see, there are no lack of options for you to select from when it comes to kitchen cabinet storage. Be it a wall mounted cabinet or other options, these will help you properly organize your kitchen and utilize space in a much better way, in order to make your kitchen a lot more inviting.