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If you are looking for ideas to decorate your modern-style kitchen, but do not have the required time or budget to have a significant remodel done, then the decor ideas we will be sharing here will be right for you. Your modern-style kitchen offers a functional and open space for family members to make use of. In addition, it’s also the place where you can highlight your personal style as well as character.

The ideas we will explore here will help in further exemplifying and highlighting the design of your kitchen and help you draw the admiration of everyone visiting your re-decorated kitchen.

Top 5 Ideas for Decorating a Modern-Style Kitchen

Idea #1: The Color Palette

An inexpensive and fast way of decorating modern-style kitchens is the selection of the right colors. By selecting the right color palette you will be able to create the right vibe in your kitchen. Your color palette should consist of three color combinations to provide desired results, let us go through the details here.

  • The first color should be an existing color that you are not able to change. For instance, it could be the white cabinets or countertop
  • The second color should be a neutral color that you want to select. This color is to be used for wall colors and it should be something that perfectly compliments the first The function of this second color is to provide a backdrop for your kitchen’s decor.
  • The third color should be the color that will provide your kitchen its uniqueness. Generally, you will have to select something that is an unexpected and bold color, which gels perfectly with the color palette in the kitchen. This color can be used as a statement color for accessories present in the kitchen such as cookware, vases, bar stools, etc.

If you want to know how to select these three colors, the best thing to do is to take paint swatches in different shades of the colors that you like and mix them around until you find a particular combination that you like. After finalizing the three colors, all you will have to do is carry along paint chips while shopping for accessories.

Idea #2: The Focal Point

If you want to decorate your modern-style kitchen in the correct way then the first thing you have to do is decide on a focal point. You will have to examine the present kitchen decor in the same way that a new visitor to your home would.  After entering the kitchen, analyze the aspects that you notice.

Ask yourself, do I like the very first thing that I notice in the kitchen? If not, then think about something that you would prefer to see first after getting into the kitchen. Next thing to do will be to turn that particular spot that you like and its closest wall into a focal point for your kitchen. The good thing about focal points is that they are visually attractive and eye-catching at the same time.

Compared to the other parts of your kitchen, the spot that you want to turn into a focal point should be unique and bold. If you want to create a focal wall then one of the following methods can be used to achieve the desired results.

  • The focal wall can be painted in a bold color that was selected as part of the 3 color palette for your kitchen.
  • Utilize the focal wall for hanging an interesting piece of art.
  • Use wallpaper which is vibrantly colored, patterned, and textured.

Idea #3: Open Shelving

Rather than having kitchen cabinets, the trend is shifting towards having open shelving in kitchens. The benefit of open shelving is that it helps in the creation of a visual space that makes the kitchen look more spacious.

Rather than tearing up the existing Montreal cabinets, what you can do is update the wall decor in the kitchen by using a couple of floating shelves on one of the open walls. The good thing about floating shelves is that you can install them easily and they are available in different styles. Another thing you can do is keep less display items in your floating shelves and implement color coordination to achieve the desired results.

In addition, another thing you can do is take off the doors from a few of the existing kitchen cabinets and put wallpaper or paint as a backside decoration for the cabinets. This will be an easier way of creating an open shelf for your kitchen. To further enhance the decoration, LED lighting can be set up for highlighting the items. In case, you face issues with cabinet wiring then lights that are battery powered can also be used to fulfill this requirement.

Idea #4: Gallery Wall Collection

It will become easier to enhance the decor of your modern-style kitchen and help it stand apart by including glimpses of your own personality. This can be achieved by using gallery wall collections as they tend to be unique and help in making even a boring wall look interesting.

All you will have to do is collect your favorite objects and utilize them as part of the wall decor for the kitchen. A few ideas that you can make use of for your wall collection include:

  • Baskets
  • Album covers that are framed
  • Different types of mirrors
  • Fabric swatches
  • Framed wallpaper
  • Antique frames in different sizes and shapes

Idea #5: Chalkboard Paint

Decorating an accent wall will be much easier by using chalkboard paint in black. In case there is a lack of wall space then a cabinet or door surface can serve the same purpose. All you will have to do is take care of the layering part.

A wall collection or a floating shelf over the chalkboard wall will further enhance the look and feel of your newly decorated kitchen.


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