Replace Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets have a higher degree of exposure to steam, water, and varied other elements compared to cabinets in other sections of a house. Let’s take a look at the signs that indicate when it’s time to replace the cabinets.

When to Replace Kitchen Cabinets? 

Signs of Water Damage

If the cabinets appear to be swollen, do not close properly, or dark spots have appeared this indicates water damage. Since the occurrence of water is higher in a kitchen, water related damage is more of a concern for kitchen cabinets. Let us look at a few other signs of water damage:

  • Delamination is seen on the outside of cabinets.
  • There is mold growth.
  • Outside and inside sections appear to be bubbling.
  • Wood begins to warp.

Functional Problems

If you find that the cabinets have functional issues then it will become necessary to replace them. A few common signs that indicate that the kitchen cabinets have functional issues are:

  • Cabinets are difficult to access and it becomes necessary to remove certain items just to reach other things that are kept at the back.
  • Cabinet doors open up incorrectly. For example, when opening any cabinet door, two doors open together instead of one or slam into each other, then it’s probably time to replace the cabinets.
  • Another problem would be stuck doors while being opened, making sounds, or resulting in other issues. This problem will indicate further damage has occurred under the surface. The only solution to this will be refacing the cabinets.

Softened Cabinet Walls

If you push on the cabinet’s sides and they appear to be soft, then it is time to start looking into a replacement.  If they feel soft then it suggests that the cabinets are badly damaged and may fall apart soon.

Similarly, if the cabinets are worn and it is not possible to make new holes or add new hinges then it shows that the cabinet’s structure itself is not sound. In this condition, the cabinet will not be able to support new doors or hinges and will be a waste of money if you try to repair those kitchen cabinets.

Mold Problem

If there is any type of water leakage in the kitchen, then mold will grow freely in the cabinets. Mold will eat and completely degrade the condition of the cabinets, making it necessary to replace them.

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