Pro tips: Installing your new kitchen cabinets in Montreal

There are different steps that you need to perform while installing new kitchen cabinets. By taking these steps in the right order, you will be able to successfully complete the installation. Here, we will provide an insight into steps you have to take to properly complete an installation after buying wholesale cabinetry in Montreal.

New Kitchen Cabinet Installation Steps

Step #1: Remove Old Cabinets

As per cabinetry supply and wholesalebathrooms providers, screws and other accessories hold old cabinets to your kitchen wall. Thus, you need to spend some time to find all the screws and take off caulk from the edges.

Step #2: Decide About the Order

When doing the installation, it is better to do the work in a specific order. It should be the wall cabinet installation that should be performed first, followed by installation of cabinets at the base.

The reason you need to start from the top is that it will ensure that nothing will get in the way while you do the installation. In addition, the work should be started from any of the corners to make the process easier.

Step #3: Remove the Parts

It is better to remove the parts of the cabinets such as drawers and doors. The benefit is that it will reduce the weight of the cabinets and make handling them much easier. However, ensure that all the doors and drawers are properly marked so that they match the cabinets they belong to when installation is complete.

Step #4: Support Cabinet’s Weight

You can use 1×2 or 1×3 wood piece for supporting the cabinet’s weight. This will ensure that the cabinet does not slide or slip from the wall while it is being installed.

Step #5: Develop a Plan

The cabinet installation should be planned according to your kitchen. You need to be aware of the locations where existing appliances fit in such as gas, refrigerator, plumbing, etc. to properly install the new cabinets.

Step #6: Use Shims

If cabinets are to be leveled properly then using shims will be necessary. These shims help to maintain cabinets in a straight line, particularly when a wall has a bow. These shims can be 3/8th” to zero thickness.

Step #7: Utilize Filler Pieces

New cabinets have a filler piece or scribe and is used where the wall and the cabinets meet. This proves to be useful when a wall is not straight and proves to be a better finish if contours are present on the walls. In addition, the filler piece ensures that the doors and drawers of your new cabinet remain at a distance from the wall.

A Final Note

To summarize, we can say that buying kitchen cabinets wholesale in Montreal and Toronto and installing new cabinets will not be a difficult task when you follow the above mentioned steps. The steps will also ease the process and ensure that you do not have to face any problems in the future with your new cabinets.