If you want to find out the differences between traditional and modern kitchen cabinetry, you are in the right place, since this is the topic we will be exploring here. The details we share will also help you decide which style of kitchen cabinets Montreal are best for your home.

Differences Between Modern and Traditional Kitchen Cabinetry

Framed and Frame-less Cabinets

Traditional cabinets tend to have a framed design that provides it sturdiness and durability. In contrast, you will find frame-less cabinets in modern kitchens. Frame-less construction is a full access style in wholesale kitchens where face frames do not exist between the doors. Without overlapping frames, the cabinetry gets a uniform and modern look and feel.

Door Styles

Modern and traditional kitchen cabinets can also be differentiated by their door styles. Traditional doors are usually more detailed and ornate. In addition, these doors have a lot more texture due to their raised panel designs.
On the other hand, the cabinetry supply of modern doors now includes flat panels, clean aesthetics, and sleek cabinet doors. But to provide a degree of edginess, modern cabinet doors tend to have recessed panel options, giving the cabinets a transitional look.

Tone and Vibe

The type of design selected for the cabinets helps in setting the vibe and tone for the kitchen. For instance, traditional cabinetry creates a cozy feel, while modern designs usually have an efficient, sleek, and European feel.
Traditional style blends perfectly with grained wood, granite, and other similar natural materials. Here, the focal points in the kitchen are the bold doors and other related design elements. If we look at modern kitchen cabinets, they are designed to provide homeowners with more storage and are installed in such a way as to offer optimal space.

Selection of Colours

Traditional kitchen cabinets have darker earthy colors like brown that come in a variety of shades. There are also variations in “distress.” This gives them a worn down appearance with more visible wood grain. These features give the cabinets a rustic feel. Traditional kitchen cabinets can also have either a matte finish or polished finish. More reddish tones provide greater intensity than matte brown cabinets.
Modern cabinets, on the other hand, are lighter with a focus on metallic colours, grays, and whites. Modern design also focuses on a combination of neutral shades paired with lighter and brighter colours. As we can see, the colour selection is more varied in modern cabinets than in the predominantly brown shades of traditional kitchen cabinets. Modern cabinets also have a less ornate style for simplicity. Bright colours can be incorporated into the overall design for an eye-catching look.


In conclusion, it can be said that both traditional and modern styles have their rightful place. You select a design style for wholesale cabinetry in Montreal based upon your personal preferences.