How to Match Your Cabinet Door With Your Wooden Floor

We’re cabinet makers who offer kitchen cabinets in Montreal. Here, you’ll discover the 3 guidelines we use to help Montreal homeowners to match their kitchen cabinets to their wood floors.

Matching cabinet doors with your wooden floor can become a difficult task when you don’t have the help of a cabinet maker. Here, we will explore details explaining how you can match your kitchen cabinet doors to your flooring can be pleased with the new look.

Useful Tips to Perfectly Match Your Cabinet Doors With Your Wooden Floor

Hardwood Flooring Options

When it comes to the design scheme of your kitchen, the hardwood flooring may be the influencing factor that determines which styles of cabinets and doors you consider.

Because of this, you may already know that hardwood flooring has its own unique grain pattern and color tone.

With this in mind, a few of the options available to you when you’re looking for hardwood flooring consist of pine, maple plank, red oak, ebonized hardware, reclaimed wood, Brazilian cherry, eucalyptus, and Douglas fir.

Kitchen Cabinets and the Associated Stain Colours

Everyone knows that when a paint is applied to wood, the paint generally stays on the surface of the wood. However, that’s not the case with stains. If a stain is brushed, it may soak into the wood, or be absorbed by it. That’s why if a kitchen cabinet has a stain coat, then it may offer an additional layer of protection. Common stains to choose from include golden pecan, simply white, Jacobean, golden oak, or dark walnut, among others.

A distinction should also be made between colours and shades. There may be a variety of shades of a given colour. As such, there are different shades in which wood stain products can be purchased. This makes it possible to stain your cabinet doors not just with a specific colour, but with a specific shade of colour. Of course, this allows you a wider range of options to match with your floor.

3 Simple Tips for Matching Wooden Floors and Cabinet Doors

With so many colours and shades available, it can seem overwhelming to try to decide which colours will match with your wooden floor. This is where a professional can help. In order to achieve a perfect match between cabinet doors and the wooden floors, what a cabinet maker will have to do is make sure that the tone and hue remains the same for the colors.

But even then, the colour combinations that the cabinet maker prefers are only suggestions, and may not suit your artistic appeal.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess. With any of the following 3 tips, you’ll have a better idea of which colours will best match your floor:

Tip #1: Photographs

Photos can be helpful in picking the right color match. A good tip to taking the type of photo you need is to first have a good camera. (These days, a lot of the cameras on the newer phones will suffice.)

Then, make sure you have the desired light source that you want to shine on your wooden floor. For example, if you want to have sunlight on your floor, then make sure the sun is shining. If it’s an interior light, then be sure to have that available.

You can also take multiple photographs of the same floor, but under different lighting conditions. The more photographs you have, the better, as professionals at the store will be able to examine these photographs and suggest colours and shades you may wish to consider.

Tip #2: Sample of Floor/Cabinet Door

Another thing you can do is take a small sample of your wooden floor or kitchen cabinet doors to the store to see if they have a colour that suits your eye.

Tip #3: Samples of Cabinets and/or Flooring

If you are doing a complete renovation, then matching the cabinet doors and flooring can, in most cases, be easier, as you’ll be starting from scratch. All you will have to do is take a product with a particular color scheme and then it can be matched with a corresponding flooring material or cabinet color stain.


We hope you’ve found these cabinet selecting tips insightful, and that you’re more easily able to match cabinet doors with the wooden flooring you have. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets in Montreal, be sure to consider us.