2021 Cabinet Trends for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation

We can expect to incorporate several new trends into the design and styling of kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors in 2021.

Let us explore some of the noteworthy trends concerning kitchen cabinets in West Island in the following sections.

Use of Colors

White cabinets are the latest trend in 2021, accompanied by islands in different wood and paint colors.

The combination of different finishes helps create required accent pieces and instill pops of exciting colors in your kitchen.

For instance, different shades of green and blue assist in incorporating splashes of colors. Similarly, dark-colored cabinets can significantly enhance the look and feel of available space in the kitchen by providing the room luxurious and dramatic feel.

Additionally, kitchen cabinet doors in various shades of navy are gaining popularity nowadays. You can also opt for midnight blues, which is considered a dramatic and sophisticated color choice.

Use of Two Tones

The use of two-color tone cabinet doors will be a trend that we will see coming more into focus in 2021. Two tones usher in impressive aesthetic appeal for your kitchen cabinets and help alter your kitchen’s look and feel.

For instance, you can utilize dark and deep units, which are contrasted by brighter shadows at other sections to instill character and depth in a given space.

Such color tones allow you the flexibility to try out varied design elements and select one that matches your kitchen style. You can also test various textures such as matte finishes, wood grains, elegant laminates, etc.

Environment-Friendly Cabinets

Shades of forest green and emerald kitchen cabinet doors will grow in popularity in 2021.

Green is capable of bringing in dramatic contrasts in the space. For instance, you can balance deep green colors with soft metals, smoked glass, or latte shades for adding a sense of luxury to your kitchen.

Similarly, countertops and lighting fixtures in brass or white marble assist in bouncing rays of light and play a vital role in offsetting more solemn tones.

Hidden Gadgets

In 2021, we will be noticing an influx of many different new devices and technological advancements.

Many of us do not want to necessarily highlight them or bring them to the forefront, making tasteful and discrete storage options becomes more critical.

For example, cabinets can serve the purpose of hiding a dishwasher or fridge. Likewise, storage can be designed so that it hides counter appliances and proves to be useful in de-cluttering the kitchen.

The aim should be to utilize cabinets and storage space in the best possible manner so that it does not affect your kitchen style.


To summarize, it can be said that there are several new trends that we will see emerging in 2021, which will surely help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and turn it into a functional space that everyone in the family can utilize.

We are your reliable cabinet maker to get in touch with to know about the latest trends and utilize them in your kitchen.